Who illegally painted curb red in Chatsworth? A Valley councilman wants to know

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A section of curb was illegally painted red at Nordhoff Place and Oakdale Avenue sometime this weekend in Chatsworth and Los Angeles City Councilman Mitchell Englander is looking for the culprit.

“It’s very serious because not only are you defacing public property but you’re altering a traffic control device,” said Englander on Tuesday, adding he learned of the crime on Sunday from a social media post. “Red curbs are considered a traffic control device and it could be prosecuted as a felony.”

The paint will eventually be removed and Englander’s office has asked for the public’s help to solve the crime committed on city property.

“We asked the police department to conduct an investigation and file charges as appropriate,” said Colin Sweeney, Englander’s communications director.

Sweeney added the curb was painted red for two city blocks, or roughly a quarter mile, which is unusual.

• VIDEO: See the section of street sporting an illegal red curb in Chatsworth

Previously, the area had no-parking signs posted for tree trimming and filming and someone took advantage of it, Sweeney explained.

“They used the wrong type of paint,” he said. “We would need to remove it regardless because of the liability. When it’s wet outside it’s very slippery.”

In response to Englander’s initial Facebook post showing video of the red curb, multiple commenters suggested whoever painted the curb did so to deter people from parking their motor homes on the street — an issue city officials have recently addressed amid Los Angeles’ surge in homelessness.

In a follow-up post on Facebook , Englander said ”we all know” the curb is not the issue.

“Homelessness is a serious matter for neighborhoods throughout Los Angeles with many federal and state laws governing how we are allowed to proceed,” he wrote.

On Tuesday, Englander said he is working “vigorously” everyday on the homelessness issue which includes having a staff member for homelessness as well as opening a shelter without taxpayer funds and a mobile shower.

Besides the possibility of being prosecuted as a felony, which would likely send the culprit to jail longer than a year, there is also a cost to taxpayers, Englander said.

“To repair this and restore it back to its original state it could be tens of thousands of dollars,” Englander concluded.


The initial timeline was to have the curb fixed by Friday but it will likely take longer because of weather issues, Sweeney added.

Anyone who has more information is asked to contact Erich King in Englander’s office at 818-882-1212 during regular business hours.

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