Planned Parenthood held rally in response to demise of GOP healthcare bill

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“The people united will never be divided,” chanted supporters at a Planned Parenthood rally in Pasadena who celebrated the failure of the Republican healthcare bill.


“I think this is a huge victory for the people of America,” Julianne Hines, Ex. Dir. Planned Parenthood Advocates Pasadena & San Gabriel Valley, said. “I think it shows that it doesn’t matter what level the bullies are at we can beat them.” 


If passed, Hines says, the American Healthcare Act would’ve eliminated Planned Parenthood as healthcare option for low-income families. 


“In California alone 850,000 people a year rely on planned parenthood for care,” she said. “There is nowhere else in this state that would be able to make up the difference for that many people.”


Rebecca Tuymman, who rallied with her daughter, said she depended on Planned Parenthood as a young adult. 


“I couldn’t have health insurance it was too expensive and I didn’t have a full time job that provided it so I could always go to Planned Parenthood and get free care,” Tuymman said. 


While this group was celebrating, not everyone is ok with the bill’s defeat. 


Business owners Tom and Kathy Weir wanted a plan that would cut premiums. 


“We thought we were going to save money and it turned out we paid a lot more under Obamacare,” Tom Weir said. “The only thing that saved us is we turned 65 each and we went on medicare.”


The Bakersfield couple hopes Trump will come back with another bill.


“It didn’t happen, but it doesn’t mean it won’t happen,” Weir said. 


Others who didn’t necessarily want Trump’s answer to healthcare said the current system still needs to get better.  

“They could lower their prices for prescription drugs that might help a little bit,” one woman said. 


“I like competition, I like to be able to have choices in healthcare,” another man added. 

1 Los Angeles

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