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Back when you were but a tot, just a wee young’un, really, you likely went on a few field trips to various institutions of grand cultural and artistic importance.

And while you learned to love paintings there, or sculpture, or gardens, you likely also meditated upon the following topic, as children are wont to so wisely do: Why do only certain things get to be in museums?

Actually, it’s a question adults ask, too. And a few dream-having, art-creating adults in New York City decided to go further down that fantasy-filled chute and create a high-of-brow, oh-so-lofty repository devoted to something that’s beloved, oh-so-every-day, and probably in your freezer right now.

Needless to say, the Museum of Ice Cream was quite the sprinkle-covered hit when it briefly popped up in the meatpacking neck of Manhattan back in the summer of 2016.

Now the light-hearted innovators behind that pop-up experience are bringing the whole cold-to-the-tongue concept to the Arts District in Los Angeles, for more time than it takes a scoop of vanilla ripple to melt, but barely: You’ll have five weeks to see it.

Those five weeks, ish, start on Saturday, April 22 and end on Memorial Day, which is Monday, May 29 in 2017.

Tickets, which go on sale to the general public on Monday, April 3 at 10 a.m., are essential.

And they’ll disappear as fast as the fudge coating the bottom of a banana split dish.

In fact, entries were gone in New York in just five days, and the waitlist? It boast thousands upon thousands of people who wanted in, but had to settle for the waitlist (a feeling surely akin to wanting a caramel sundae but finding that your favorite shop has caramel on back order).

The $29-per-adult ticket to the pop-up includes “… two curated ice cream tastings and surprise edible treats!” Various artisanal Golden State ice cream makers will be highlighted during the run.

Of course, absolutely, no surprise here, kids are welcome at the Museum of Ice Cream, too. Admission for children ages 3 to 12 and seniors is $18 per person.

It isn’t all about eating at the Museum of Ice Cream, however. A number of whimsically imagined rooms, including a pool filled with sprinkles and a Popsicle jungle (make that melted Popsicles) lend this dessert-dedicated vault of high-minded fun plenty of vavoom.

Some visitors choose to be surprised by the museum’s treat-quirky displays and interactive delights, but if you need to know what every experience within will entail, watching the museum’s social media, or digging into the museum’s online headquarters, should fulfill your spoilery desires.

There is a pre-sale starting on March 30, do note. But even if you take your time hemming and hawing at the ice cream parlor, trying to decide if you want a malted or a straight-up shake, there shall be no hemming nor hawing over attending this oh-so-brief pop-up: Slots to see this flavorful destination shall melt away as quickly as a pint of toffee chunk left outside on a July afternoon.

Two last things: The Museum of Ice Cream curators promise more pop-ups to come, down the road, though where/when remain delightfully mysterious.

And lastly: Why can’t more everyday things score their own museums or well-attended exhibitions? We know, we know, ice cream isn’t truly everyday in spirit — it’s pretty extraordinary — but those things we fold into our daily or weekly lives deserve some fawning and fun treatment from time to time, too.

1 Los Angeles

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