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Let’s get ready to rumble.

We’re live at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, ready to bring you up to the minute, round-by-round updates in a marquee middleweight matchup between Mexican Saul “Canelo” Alvarez and Kazakhstani champion, Gennady Golovkin.

The superfight will start at around 7:50PM PST and will be for the WBA, WBC, IBF, and The Ring belts, all currently held by Golovkin.

If you want to watch the fight live, you can order it on HBO PPV from your television at home, or stream it on Ring TV here. 

All the undercards are complete. Alvarez and Golovkin are like two caged lions ready to go to war. We’re minutes away from ring entrances. 

Main Event: Canelo Alvarez vs. Gennady Golovkin Middleweight Championships

Round 1:

Golovkin stalks Canelo around the ring for the first minute of the round. Both boxers are feeling each other out, and the tension is palpable. Canelo lands a left hook to the body, a right upper cut and a few jabs. GGG was the aggressor, but Canelo landed the shots that scored. Round 1 goes to Canelo. 10-9 Canelo

Round 2: 

Canelo comes out of the corner the more agressive fighter to start the second. Both fighters stant toe-to-toe in the center of the ring trading jabs. Less action this round. I give round 2 to Canelo. 20-18 Canelo

Round 3: 

Golovkin says enough is enough and puts the pressure on Canelo to start round three. GGG unleashes a flurry of punches in the center of the ring, but as the round continues, there’s a lot of swings and misses. Nothing clean. Last minute of the round, Golovkin chases Canelo around the ring as he seems content to take the rest of the round off. GGG wins his first round. 29-28 Canelo

Round 4: 

Canelo keeps Golovkin at bay to start the round with his quick jab. Halfway through the round, Canelo once again happily heads to the ropes, a move he did frequently in his fight with James Kirkland. Golovkin unleashes a flurry of punches against the ropes and tags Canelo! However, the Mexican fighter just shakes his head and then taunts GGG. “Come on!” he says. Final 30 seconds GGG simply chases Canelo around the ring. Round 4 to GGG for being the agressor. 38-38 Draw.

Round 5:

Canelo lands a jab to start the fifth round, but shortly thereafter retreats back to the ropes. Golovkin lands a few punches, but then comes away with a monster right hand that stuns Canelo. That’s the first big power punch of the night. Canelo shakes his head back at Golovkin as if to say, “that didn’t hurt me.” Golovkin continues to fire away and Canelo keeps on shaking his head at him. Golovkin grins back at him. Canelo is trapped in the corner and Golovkin lands another shot before Canelo leaps forward off the ropes on the attack. The round ends in the center of the ring. Round 5 goes to Golovkin who was once again the aggressor and landed the hardest shot of the night. 48-47 Golovkin

Round 6: 

Golovkin lands a right hand to start the round and Canelo heads straight for the ropes again. Halfway through the round Canelo lands a nice uppercut and then follows with a left hook. The fighters get tied up at the 1:20 mark and Canelo has GGG in a head lock. He tries to get cute with a cheap behind-the-back shot to the head, but the referee catches him and warns him. Both fighters touch gloves and continue the round. Golovkin stalks Canelo around the ring for the final minute, but is unable to cut it off. Nice defense from Canelo to end the round. This round was close, but I give to Golovkin again for being the agressor, and for taking that cheap shot. 58-56 Golovkin

Round 7: 

Not much action in the first minute of the round. Golovkin lands a hard right that sends Canelo back against the ropes. As we wind down to the final minute of the round, GGG lands a flurry of punches. Canelo is able to get off a couple conter shots around the one-minute mark, but Golovkin scores with a flurry of shots late. Once again, Golovkin wins the round. That’s four in a row on my car. 68-65 Golovkin

Round 8: 

Both boxers trade punches to start round eight. Canelo lands a hard right hand, but Golovkin barely bats an eye. Canelo stays in the center of the ring for the first two minutes of the round, but then retreats back to the ropes as Golovkin gives chase. GGG stalks him around the ring for the final 30 seconds, both boxers land uppercuts. This round could go either way, but once again I give it to Golovkin for being the agressor. 78-74 Golovkin

Round 9: 

Canelo tries to dictate the action as we start round nine. However, after 30 seconds he runs back to the ropes and Golovkin lands two hard shots. As the round continues, it’s Golovkin who stalks Canelo around the ring, forcing all the action, and putting all the pressure on the younger fighter. Canelo lands a hard right with less than a minute left, but then is chased around the ring by Golovkin who keeps scoring until the bell. Round 9 goes to Golovkin, it’s hard to score it any other way when he’s dictating everything. 88-83 Golovkin

Round 10: 

Canelo is the aggressor to start the round. Maybe he senses he’s behind and there’s more urgency needed in these last few round. All of the action is in the center of the ring and Canelo lands a punch that sends Golovkin off-balance. GGG looks fatigued. Canelo lands a hard right that would probably put any other figther to sleep. Instead, Golovkin takes it and keeps coming forward. Golovkin lands a hard right and Canelo is on his bicycle. Golovkin is just relentless, he never stops, even when he looks gassed. Great round. Canelo takes 10. 97-93 Golovkin

Round 11:

Canelo runs to start the 11th round. Golovkin gives chase but he gets stung with a hard right hand and then a right-left combination from Canelo. More running and ducking and dodging from Alvarez, but this is his best round since the start of the fight. Canelo wins Round 11. 106-103 Golovkin

Round 12: 

Canelo comes out like gangbusters to start the final round. He quickly lands a couple uppercuts and is the most aggressive we’ve seen him throughout the fight. Just over a minute into the round, and Golovkin lands a hard right hand, followed by a left hook that wobbles Canelo and sends him back on his heels. One minute left to go and Golovkin is once again stalking Canelo around the ring. The final 10 seconds are a war! Both fighters are swinging for the fences as the bell rings. Both men think they have won. Round 12 goes to Canelo. 115-113 Golovkin. 

Judges Scorecards: 

Adalaide Byrd: 118-110 Canelo
Dave Moretti: 115-113 Golovkin
Don Trella: 114-114 Draw

Final Result: Split Decision Draw

This was one is surprising folks. The fans are loudly booing the result. The crowd is mostly pro-Canelo so perhaps they thought he won, but I believe they are honest fight fans and think Golovkin was robbed. I think GGG won a lot of people over with his relentless style, aggression and work ethic tonight. 

Both fighters are surprised with the result. Fans are chanting “bullshit,” as they feel cheated by this result. A few rounds were close and could have gone either way, but for any judge to score the fight 10 rounds to 2 in favor of either fighter, especially, Canelo after he ran and stayed against the ropes for the majority of the fight is downright befuddling. 

This result is a shame. The fight was excellent, and I hope there’s a rematch. On a night when two of the best pound-for-pound boxers the sport has to offer put on such a display, for it to be marred in controversy by a judge is disappointing. 

Golovkin leaves the ring with all four of his middleweight championship belts and has tied the record with his 18th title defense. One more, and he will set a new record. However, he no longer sports a perfect record of 37-0. He remains undefeated, yes, but now is 37-0-1, that “one” haunting him for the remainder of his career.

Canelo exits having squared off in the ring with a monster, one of the greatest knockout punchers in the history of the sport and he never looked close to wilting or going down. If a rematch does occur, Canelo now knows he can take Golovkin’s best shot. Here’s hoping there’s a rematch.

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